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Jury Winners of the CineGlobe Film Festival 2022

Girlsboysmix (2020)
Documentary 7min
Cool For You (2021)
Children’s, Animation 3min
How to Get Lost in Your Own Room (2021)
Science Fiction 12min
In Nature (2021)
Animation, Children’s 5min
Avant-Garde 10min

2022 Audience Favorites

I learned to live with it... (2021)
Documentary 10min
Little Princess (2022)
Drama 2min
You've got a match (2021)
Action, Science Fiction 9min
Spoon (2022)
Animation, Children’s 3min
Avant-Garde 10min

2021 Winners

Math Circles around the World (2020)
Documentary 20min
Le Relais (2020)
Fiction 3min
Comment j’ai vaincu ma peur des humains (2020)
Family, Animation 9min
Bab Sebta (2019)
Documentary 19min
WhateverTree (2020)
Fiction 12min
El Agua (2019)
Fiction 14min
LIVE (2020)
Family, Animation 5min

2021 Masterclasses

Masterclass 3 - Festivals and Science Film (2021)
Masterclass 56min
Masterclass 2 - DIY Documentary (2021)
Masterclass 1h 1m
Masterclass 1 - The New Era of Virtual Reality (2021)
Masterclass 60min