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Masterclass 3 - Festivals and Science Film (2021)
Masterclass 56min
Masterclass 2 - DIY Documentary (2021)
Masterclass 1h 1m
Masterclass 1 - The New Era of Virtual Reality (2021)
Masterclass 60min


Discussion following Echoes of the Invisible (2021)
Discussion 28min
Discussion following Ghost Particle (2021)
Discussion 37min

Session Four

(R)Existir (2021)
Fiction 5min
Where We Used To Swim (2019)
Documentary 8min
Painting By Numbers (2020)
Fiction 5min
Math Circles around the World (2020)
Documentary 20min
W (2019)
Fiction 6min
Life Goes On (2020)
Fiction 3min

Session Five

Missing Memories of the Universe (2021)
Documentary 7min
Miedos (2019)
Fiction 9min
B·52 (2020)
Fiction 8min
In the Shadow of the Tugtupite (2020)
Documentary 7min
The Human (2019)
Fiction 10min
Fiction 2min

Session Six

Électrique (2020)
Fiction 4min
Petit caillou qui vaut de l’or (2020)
Fiction 5min
LIGO: The Way The Universe Is, I Think (2019)
Documentary 13min
L'Entretien (2019)
Fiction 10min
Наблюдения за тихоходками - Observing the Tardigrades (2020)
Documentary, Animation 4min
PHILIP (2021)
Fiction 4min
El Amor Ciego (2017)
Fiction 4min

Session Seven

Fiction 5min
Gilson (2020)
Documentary 5min
Sad Beauty (2020)
Fiction, Animation 10min
ROCCA (2020)
Documentary 17min
Disparus (2020)
Fiction, Animation 7min

Session Eight

Fiction, Animation 12min
WhateverTree (2020)
Fiction 12min
El sentido del cacao (2019)
Documentary 20min

Family Session

Me, a Monster? (2020)
Family, Animation 7min
Ratatoskr (2018)
Animation, Family 4min
Jeune Pousse (2020)
Family 1min
2019 (2021)
Fiction, Family 4min
Family, Animation 5min
Attention au loup ! (2019)
Family, Animation 1min
LIVE (2020)
Family, Animation 5min
Pursuing (2020)
Family, Animation 5min
MidWay (2020)
Family, Animation 6min
Rocket Science (2021)
Family, Animation 2min
涤之生Laundry Life (2021)
Family, Animation 5min
Comment j’ai vaincu ma peur des humains (2020)
Family, Animation 9min

Session One

Ah ces p'tits humains ! (2019)
Fiction, Animation 4min
Classe Verte (Environment 101) (2020)
Fiction 3min
Beyond The Glacier (2019)
Documentary 18min
Illusion (2017)
Fiction 2min
El Agua (2019)
Fiction 14min
Le Relais (2020)
Fiction 3min

Session Two

Le Portrait (2020)
Fiction 7min
Das ganze Hin und Her (2019)
Documentary 15min
Em Quadro (2020)
Fiction 12min
Apparatgeist (2019)
Documentary 11min

Session Three

Le plafond de verre (2019)
Fiction 6min
Bab Sebta (2019)
Documentary 19min
MELINA (2020)
Documentary 11min
Migrants (2020)
Fiction, Animation 9min